At Digiland99, we don’t believe in throwing fancy terms or promises to our customers which is not attainable at a short span of time. We believe in keeping simple approach towards SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING and try to be as transparent as we can.

Let us quickly give you the overview of how our team works.

We have a team of professionals who will begin the Search Engine Optimization by understanding our customer goals and post that we share timeline for work completion.

Our team plans a campaign in detail and post that we review your competitors and accordingly we execute the keyword research and compile a database of link opportunities.

Once our customer has approved and given green signal to us, our team execute and move forward with action plan and implement Search Engine Optimization.

Our First step in Search Engine Optimization would be On-Page optimization and making sure your website is visible to search engine crawlers. This helps crawler to ensure that your website is compatible and generate more organic visitors to your website and pushes your website on top page in Google search result.

Our Second step is to do an Off-Page optimization. In this our team will create a high quality article and content for your business. This will also be done through social backlinks, natural backlink building and Social Media Management for better SEO impact and outcome.

All these are covered in our monthly package and you need not to worry about paying anything extra.

Our team also ensures that we are providing monthly reports to our clients on time and also holds regular meetings for review.

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